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About Alison Jedrick, LISW
Dr. Helene Stoller
Licensed Psychologist
& Practice Owner
I am a licensed clinical social worker in South Carolina and Georgia.
and most recently to Savannah, GA in 2014. After moving to the
area, I was delighted to be invited to join Psychological and
Counseling Associates of the Lowcountry.

After obtaining my Master’s degree from University of Georgia in
2001, I began practicing in the area of mental health and have
remained in practice ever since. My experience is quite diverse, ranging from
intensive in-home mental health counseling with children and families to working with
professionals on the go via telemedicine. I am experienced in helping people from all
walks of life to cope with challenges, enhance their functioning, and achieve their
personal goals.

As an EMDR therapist, I am well versed in working with many different types of trauma
including child sexual abuse, recovery from domestic violence, and exposure to
natural disasters. However, I also work well with people who have ongoing issues with
anxiety, mood disorders, self-harmful behaviors, anger, stress management issues,
and difficulty dealing with family members. I am happy to work with children 8 years
and older, adolescents, and all ages of adults.

In addition to EMDR Therapy, I utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness approaches to ensure that each client
has treatment specifically tailored to his or her needs, strengths, and preferences. My
clients participate in the development of their treatment plans, which guide our
therapy sessions towards meeting specific goals. I enjoy collaborating with each client
to work as a team on the journey to happier, healthier functioning.

In the context of family therapy, I use an Integrative Parenting model of Attachment
Therapy that involves both family work and using EMDR Therapy to help children who
have experienced traumas that prevent them from developing healthy attachments to
their primary caregivers. The therapy involves intensive work with both the caregivers
and the child, and helps to both strengthen the bond between them and reduce
unwanted behaviors.

Personally, I live across the river in Pooler, GA with my loving husband, adorable
child, and two fantastic cats. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, film, Science Fiction,
visiting family and friends, and playing with technology.